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Volastra: Cinque Terre You Can Drive To

Driving to the Cinque Terre? Most folks recoil in horror at such a question. “But the roads are very curvy” they scream, as if curves killed. Still, parking is difficult but we have a solution for everyone. The town of Volastra has plenty of places to park, is accessible via a decent road, and you can have great views, fantastic wine, and still walk the Cinque Terre.

dozza castle


Of all the little villages in Italy, among them is one you’ve very likely never heard of. We stumbled upon it by accident. It has a fine castle, the Rocca di Dozza.

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The Charms of Little Cesenatico

Cesenatico is an Adriatic coastal resort town in Romagna. The harbor was dug in 1302 and a fortress built to defend it. The canal you see in the picture was designed and laid out by none other than Leonardo da Vinci in 1502.

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San Gimignano: City of Towers

Towers. That’s what you think of when you head for San Gimignano. Well, there are many of them, but they represent a small number compared to tower building at its apex.

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The Cart Driver's Spaghetti

The cart driver’s spaghetti is the introduction to the brilliant flavors of Sicily for our first time on the island.

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Penne with Mint and Asparagus

A one pot dish you can throw together in America or on your vacation in Italy in Asparagus season.

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Bagnone is in the Lunigiana historic territory of northern Tuscany. It’s rural there, and folks often make their own food.