cesenatico canal pictureCesenatico: Canal at Night

Cesenatico is an Adriatic coastal resort town in Romagna. The harbor was dug in 1302 and a fortress built to defend it. The canal you see in the picture was designed and laid out by none other than Leonardo da Vinci in 1502.

The seafood is about as good as you’ll ever taste. Marcella Hazan was born in Cesenatico. Her memoir Amarcord: Marcella Remembers begins in Cesenatico, giving a wonderful account of the life in a small fishing village before and after the war.

There is a spectacular Maritime Museum with the history of the boats that fished along the shores as well as the Navy boats of the Adriatic Coast.

cesenatico ship museumCesinatico: Maritime Museum


Unique: During Christmas, the historic boats in the canal become a life-size Nativity scene
Region: Emilia-Romagna: See a Map
Days: 2

: Ravenna to Rimini line, station marked on the map
Parking: Street. Many hotels offer free parking, including the Grand Hotel, listed below
Recommended Lodging: Grand Hotel Cesenatico
Cesenatico Vacation Rentals
How to get there from Venice

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