Category Le Marche

  • Fabriano and the Old Pharmacy

    Fabriano is famous for its paper production, which has been going on since the middle ages which the Paper and Watermark Museum commemorates nicely, but you’ll also want to stop in this incredibly interesting old pharmacy. It’s quite odd, actually.

  • Ascoli Piceno: Forte Malatesta

    A little outside the historic center of Ascoli Piceno stands the Forte Malatesta, which defended the Castellano river. Beside it is the Cecco Bridge, a Roman work completed during the last period of the Republic. The fort is now an interesting museum and the architecture makes it one of the most compelling examples of Renaissance fortified architecture in Italy.

  • Offida: A Gem in Le Marche

    If Ascoli Piceno is one of Italy’s top hidden treasures (and it is), then little Offida, population just over 5000, has to be one of Italy’s top villages.