Forno La Renella

A city’s vibrancy is measured by the quality of its “fast” food, the kind of food you pop in for, like Romans might drop into a hole in the wall joint for an after-theater spaghetti aglio e olio, or you the tourist, after reading this, might pop into La Renella for a slice of pizza. City dwellers have important stuff to do. They don’t always remember to eat at the right time in the right place because you don’t have to remember: good food is everywhere in the vibrant city.

Want something warm, bready and covered with good things? Go to Trastevere and follow your nose to little La Renella, or take the Trastevere foodie tour by The Roman Foodie. However you get there, here’s the door:

la renella bakery pictureLa Renella

It’s likely to be crowded at any time of the day. Just squeeze in there. Find the service window. Ignore the broken one. Giovanni will probably help you.

la renella pizza pictureLa Renella's Pizza Service as served to the crew of The Roman Foodie, who fed us well and frequently on the Trastevere Evening Tour.

You tell him what you want on your pizza, you tell him how big a piece you want, he slices, you salivate.

La Renella also makes much of the bread you might get at decent restaurants in Rome. And they don’t even have a wood burning oven! Well, ok, it is a wood burning oven, but they ignore the printed instructions and heap piles of Hazelnut shells in there. Honest. It perfumes the bread and it’s sustainable. Well, it is as long as people keep eating Nutella anyway.

renella oven pictureLa Renella Oven--With a Secret!

So what’s in a pizza crust? Italy’s famous flour, farina di grano tenero doppio zero from Molino Coletta, yeast and water. Bread is such a simple thing. It’s a wonder corporations can screw it up.

bread dough rising pictureLa Renella: Batch of Bread Dough


bread pictureLa Renella Bread

La Renella Panificio Trastevere
Via del Moro, 15
00153 Roma


Unique: Bread from a hazelnut fired oven
When to Go: When you’re feelin’ peckish.
Region: Lazio Map
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Forno La Renella originally appeared on Apr 13, 2015, © James Martin.

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