Agrigento: The Splendor of Sicily in Springtime

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agrigento tourists pictureAgrigento tourists sunning in springtime

You’ve seen countless pictures of the Greek temples spread out over a ridge just south of the Sicilian town of Agrigento. “More ruins!” I hear you mumble sarcastically.

But hear me out. I have always had a soft spot for those temples. It’s not the temples themselves, but the stroll through history you can take. Go in springtime, when the tourists are few and the wildflowers are many. Layer upon layer of history is yours.

There are many ways of seeing the temples. From a cafe? A restaurant at night, when the temples are lighted? Oh, yeah.

agrigento cafe pictureAgrigento the Easy Way. The view oc the Temple of Concord, the most complete temple, from the cafe/restaurant of the Villa Athena, marked on the map.

So…wildflowers you say?

agrigento flowers spring pictureFlowering Agrigento

And let’s throw in some temple columns, ok?

agrigento columns pictureAgrigento Temple Columbs

The Agrigento temples aren’t right on the sea, but they have distant views of the Mediterranean.

agrigento temple pictureAgrigento: temple with a sea view


Zoom out to see the location of the excellent museum.

Unique: Greek temples and more
Not to Miss: The Sicilian Carts of Raffaele La Scala
When to Go: Spring, April and May, when the maximum highs are 64 and 72 respectively. Nighttime lows near 60 in May, so gazing from an outdoor cafe is possible on warm nights. Easter is special in Sicily, expect processions on good Friday (Venerdi Santo)
Region: Sicily Map
Days: 2-3
: Yes, located in the city center.
Parking: Free parking along the main street in the off season
Recommended Hotel and Restaurant: Villa Athene Expensive, but this is a great time to splurge!
Agrigento Vacation Rentals
Getting There from Catania | Taormina

Agrigento: The Splendor of Sicily in Springtime originally appeared on Apr 07, 2015, © James Martin.

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